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If you decided to do a pre-sale with Sky Lake Construction, you’ve chosen your lot, picked out the perfect floor plan, and signed your contract. Congratulations!


Now comes the part most buyers get really excited about: selections! Nothing is quite as exciting as seeing the details of your new home come together.


Understanding what kind of builder Sky Lake Construction is will also help explain what type of selections can be made. Sky Lake Construction builds personalized production homes, which simply means they build from a book of predetermined floor plans with no alterations structurally or aesthetically. They don’t move walls, add a bathroom, or even change the electrical layout. The homes are built according to plan. What they do offer is the rare opportunity for a new construction home owner to make the space their own by choosing certain colors, finishes, and textures. All the benefits of new construction, budget friendly floor plan options, plus the ability to personalize is why they’re one of the largest residential builders in DeSoto County.


Now that we’ve explained a little about the builder, let’s dive a little deeper into the selection process. I’m sure along the way you’ve decided on what type of design style, features you like, and even more importantly what you don’t like, and maybe even colors or tones. This will all come in handy moving forward.


Once the builder is ready to start on your new home, you will be called to schedule your selection meeting which takes place at their corporate office in Nesbit. In their selection room you will choose all your interior and exteriors colors and finishes to make your home personalized to you. Selections can seem confusing and absolutely overwhelming for some, but lucky for you, they’ve made the process easier by curating the best selections, with stylish designer options. The best part is they look fantastic in any home, all while staying in the standard features budget. You don’t have to know everything that you plan to pick out prior to your selection meeting, but you’ll still have some decisions to make, or rather homework to do, before coming into the selection room. You’ll need to be prepared so the meeting will be productive. With the current supply chain climate, the need for materials to be ordered well in advance is crucial to stay on the construction timeline. Therefore all decisions made at the selection meeting are final and cannot be changed after.


First things first, let’s talk brick. Brick can come in wide range of colors and textures and can even look different depending on mortar color and paired paint choices. The builder always suggests driving around a current Sky Lake Construction subdivision for inspiration and the opportunity to actually see the brick on a home vs on a small sample board. Once you find a few houses that you like, simply copy down the addresses and possibly snap pictures of the front.


Lot 97 AP 2.jpg

When you’re looking at brick, also pay attention to mortar colors and exterior paint choices. Some brick choices can lean towards a gray palette or a beige palette or can lean either way. You may fall in love with the paint choices on one house and the brick on another. One thing you’ll notice as you’re looking at houses is that they stay neutral with door, shutter, trim and garage paint colors. While one person may love the idea of having a bright yelow front door, the neighbors may not agree. There are aesthetic guidelines in place so that the development maintains a pleasant appearance for all residents.


Another thing to keep in mind is that the builder doesn’t allow the same floor plan, or the same brick choice, to be built side by side. If your future neighbor has already had their selection meeting, you wouldn’t be able to choose the same brick they did. That also means that if you choose before your future neighbor, they won’t be able to select your brick choice either.

Once you have a few brick choices on your list, and options for exterior paint, you’re well prepared for your selection appointment.


The next thing to consider is the interior of your new home. While all ceilings and trim are painted a standard white, you have the opportunity to choose one paint color to be used throughout the home. It always helps to decide beforehand if you’d like for your home to be more gray, more beige or khaki, or even white or off white. Consider your furniture and accessories, and that may help you narrow down your color choices.


Sky Lake Construction uses Sherwin Williams paint. With so many color choices and undertones, it’s easy to get confused. Sometimes that perfect shade of gray in the paint store can have an undertone of pink, green, or even blue. Choosing the right shade of white can be much trickier than you think. Thankfully the selections department has compiled a list of some of the most popular, go-to colors to help take the stress out choosing if you see you need help. Decorators and home owners alike agree these colors are tried and true and are best sellers year after year with good reason.


Sherwin Williams Paint.jpg


  • Repose Gray

  • Worldly Gray

  • Agreeable Gray

  • Mindful Gray

  • Light French Gray


Khaki / Beige:

  • Accessable Beige

  • Balanced Beige

  • Natural Linen


White / Off White:

  • Crushed Ice

  • On the Rocks

  • China Doll

  • Greek Villa

  • Alabaster

  • Shoji White

  • Drift of Mist



During your appointment you will also choose the following:

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets: Selection of stained and stock color painted cabinets to choose from.

  • Hardware for your cabinets: oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel. Know that whichever door and drawer hardware finish you choose will also be used throughout the home for your door knobs and hinges of your interior doors and all plumbing fixtures, including faucets.

  • Kitchen countertops: multiple shades of beautiful granite available

  • Bathroom countertops: several choices of marble.

  • Flooring

  • Carpet

  • Tile

  • Stone for your fireplace surround


If you’re still wondering how you’ll be able to decide on all of that during your selection meeting? Don’t worry. You’ll be amazed that once you make the first choice the next becomes easier, and so on. Before you know it, your selections are complete and will come together to create the perfect environment in your new home!


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