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All homes built by Sky Lake Construction are covered under a one-year builder's warranty that begins the date of closing. Unlike most builders, Sky Lake Construction has an in-house warranty team to service any needs that are covered in the policy.

See below for warranty coverage and procedures

and click to make a warranty request. 

Home Warranty Coverage

Items Covered Under the Standard 1-Year Warranty:

  • Failure of mechanics in the house

  • Plumbing leaks

  • Electrical failure

  • Faulty appliances

  • Shrinkage of caulk lines** 

  • Nail pops**

**We will make a one-time visit to repair nail pops and caulking issues prior to your one-year closing anniversary date. We suggest you keep a list of minor issues such as these to cover during that visit.

Non-Warranty Items:

  • Natural springs or any high ground water that appears in the yard

  • Water standing before a 48 hour timeframe has expired

  • Sod, trees, shrubs, soil erosion, retaining walls, and driveways

  • Mainipulation of drainage such as putting a flowerbed or shed in the middle of a drainage swale

  • Chips, scratches or marks on the tile, windows, walls, countertops, brick, or mirrors discovered after closing

  • Concrete - unless there is a significant separation or trip hazard

  • Bug problems such as ants, roaches, etc.

Sky Lake Construction does not include or provide ongoing maintenance services, such as...

  • Home owner maintenance

  • Daily wear and tear that requires up-keeping

  • Painting, caulking, and cleaning

  • Damage due to homeowner neglect

How to Make a Warranty Request

To help our warranty team process your claim/issue, we ask that you follow our procedures for submitting a warranty claim.

​1. Verify your concern is covered under the builder's one-year home warranty above.

2. If your concern is not an emergency, please submit a claim using the Warranty Request form.

3. If your concern is an emergency event, such as HVAC, Electrical, or Plumbing, please refer back to your vendor reference list provided at closing and contact them directly for more immediate assistance.

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